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Hot Springs and Accommodations

Suite Room at Sanso Amanosato

Amano is a mountain village located in the southern part of Katsuragi Town at Koya-Sanroku, the foot of Koyasan. Amanosato, a hidden inn in this sacred village that is deeply connected to the creation of Koyasan by Kukai, is a resort hotel that is limited to eight groups per day.

Stay in a suite room (Western-style living room) made with plenty of wood from Kishu, Wakayama Prefecture, and enjoy the natural hot springs at Koya-Sanroku in a private bath. For dinner, enjoy a course of “creative Japanese-French cuisine” that makes use of ingredients from Wakayama Prefecture, such as Kumano beef and Amano rice.

Koyasan Shukubo with a VIP room

A “shukubo” is a temple that has accommodations for monks and worshipers. At shukubo of Koyasan, you can enjoy historic architecture, beautiful gardens, and traditional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, as well as valuable training experiences such as zazen, sutra copying, and sutra reading.

The shukubo has a verandah overlooking the garden and a guest room with classic Japanese-style fusuma paintings, as well as a large bath and beds. You can enjoy a luxurious time in the majestic atmosphere at shukubo.

At shukubo, we can also arrange options to suit your needs, such as goma prayers, Japanese cultural experiences such as tea ceremonies and flower arranging, and “furemaizen” rituals when monks entertain with meals. Why not take a break from everyday life and spend some peaceful time at the sacred place of Koyasan?

Spa Yunosato

Yunosato is a natural hot spring facility at Koya-Sanroku that has three types of famous water: “Gold Water”, “Silver Water”, and “Copper Water”. Many customers come from not only the Kansai region but also from as far away as Kanto and Kyushu to take a bath there, having heard of the benefits of the famous water. Please experience the hot springs that leave your skin feeling surprisingly smooth. It is also possible to stay at the attached inn.

Yadori Onsen Iyashi-no-Yu

Yadori Onsen is a hot spring inn in the mountains overlooking Tamagawa Gorge, a clear stream flowing at Koya-Sanroku. At this inn surrounded by nature, you can soothe the fatigue of your travels in the hot springs and enjoy carefully selected meals made with local ingredients. Around the inn, you can enjoy outdoor leisure activities such as the famous Goko Falls, walking around the Tamagawa River, fishing, and playing in the river.


Tamayura-no-Sato is a resort cottage at Koya-Sanroku where you can enjoy BBQ without having to prepare any ingredients or charcoal. This facility is recommended for a wide range of people, from experienced outdoor leisure enthusiasts to beginners who are interested but find it difficult. After the BBQ, you can stay overnight in the cottage.

Ryujin Onsen Kirari Ryujin

Ryujin Onsen in Ryujin Village, Tanabe City, located on the south side of Koyasan, is known nationwide as one of Japan’s top three beauty hot springs. Kirari Ryujin, one of the inns at Ryujin Onsen, uses plenty of wood from Ryujin in the large bath and lobby, allowing you to relax in a space with a refreshing wood scent.

Katsuragi Onsen Happu-no-Yu

A natural hot spring facility at Koya-Sanroku. Hot springs containing fossilized seawater have a high salinity and are excellent at retaining heat and moisture. There is also a restaurant, and all accommodation rooms have open-air baths.